The style​ ​takes form. I-Style is the elegant line ​ ​for​ bathroom furniture, console table, sink, cabinets, taps and fittings.
​Everything is styled by Home.10. Quality and colors are an integral part of the project.


I-Style bathroom furnishings are characterized by clean, streamlined design.
Materials of excellent quality are transformed with a wide range of colours and processes to t perfectly in many different environments.


H.me de Home.10 est une collection aux formes strictes et versatiles, conçue pour les maisons modernes. Parfaitement carénée et installable contre un mur, H.me, grâce à ses dimensions réduites (seulement 52,5 cm de longueur), s’adapte à toutes les salles de bain. L’abattant en matériau thermodurcissable parfaitement couvrant complète de façon harmonieuse les toilettes pour former un corps unique. Pour plus de confort, existe avec frein de chute.


H.PI of Home.10 is a collection of modern design and attractive. Its beautiful shape and rounded meet the tastes of those who love simplicity but at the same time, still want to design.


Flat, essential shapes in chrome, steel or white complete a simple minimalist selection.
The well-de ned personality expresses itself through light, regular lines.


H.PIDO is the home.10 line dedicated to shower trays. These arise from the union of two factors: the simple and geometric line and the color. H.PIDO is a marble-resin shower tray with a special natural texturization. It is available in a variety of formats: from standard to larger ones according to customer requirements.


​Create your space with Home.10